Reinforced doors in Geneva: the highest standards!

We cannot say that burglars are on holiday in summer, it is certainly on these dates when we take our holidays that the rate of break-ins is highest. Break-ins are on the rise and over 80% of burglars pass through the front doors. So, if you want to secure your house, your villa, your apartment or your offices, you should place an armoured door at home. The best way to scare off a burglar is to prevent them from entering your home or to stop them from breaking in with an armoured door.

No one really imagines what the shock of a burglary can represent. This shock can sometimes go as far as trauma. Home invasion is an intrusion into your privacy. At the same time,it is sometimes the disappearance of your most precious possessions. The burglar doesn't care about your emotional connection to the objects.

The main challenge will be to delay access to your apartment. Faced with the growing risk, the installation of a reinforced door or the shielding of your door is essential, in addition to an effective lock.

The reinforced door is the inevitable tool for securing your access.

In the reinforced door world, the most important thing is the safety standard. The higher the security standard, the more difficult it will be for a burglar to return home. The strength and durability of reinforced doors must offer effective standards.

Security standards of our reinforced doors:

A2P* : 5 minutes

A2P** : 10 minutes

A2P*** : 15 minutes

The higher the security standard, the more difficult it will be for the burglar in get into your house!


Performances and convenience

Fire resistance: 30 mm in renewed frame or 45 mm in tubular frame.

Thermal insulation: Ud = 2.4 W/m²K or 2.7 W/m²K depending on the frame.
Soundproofing: 40 dB.
Resistance to inclement weather thanks to its AEV classification.
Installation without damage to the old frame

Ease of use

Bolting of the door with one turn of the key.
Door chain integrated with door block (except with European cylinder lock).
Four 125 mm hinges mounted on roller bearings for resistance against all eventualities.

Keys available

VigieMobile®, VakMobil®, VTX® keys delivered in a sealed package with certificate of ownership. Keys cannot be reproduced by unauthorised persons.

Safety specifications

Equipped with a A2P* certified locking system with four or five locking points.
Door of 72 mm depth as against 35 to 40 mm for a standard door.
Double thickness steel frame in 20/10.
Burglar-proof system making it difficult to use a crowbar.
Anti-unhinging system making it difficult to force the hinges.

Steel reinforced construction lined with wood panelling, aluminium or steel.


High and low latch.
Crossbar with tubular frame.
Electronic system without door chain.
Bolting system with VAK ®.
Two-tone frame: all RAL colours.
Panelled basement door:

Technica Carénée A2P BP1

Steel door specially designed to secure the secondary access points in your property. 

It conforms to the Disabled Person’s Access standards.

Bespoke basement door manufactured in our workshop


Bolting of the door with a multi-point locking mechanism.


Choice of opening directions:
towards the inside or towards the outside.

DPA Standard

Doors meet the requirements of the Disabled Person’s Access standards.

A2P BP1 certified

Steel door secured with a A2P 1* certified lock.

French made 

100% French product developed and designed in our factory located in the Eure.

Available in fireproof version

The EI30 standard

IThis is a European classification which certifies fire resistance according to several criteria:

E: for resistance to hot gases and flames.
I: thermal insulation (always used in addition to an R or E classification) ; during testing, the thermal insulation corresponds to a maximum of 360°C in one precise point and 180°C across the whole surface of the door.

Two or three figures: placed after the letters, they refer to the duration of fire resistance in minutes.

Diamant 1

A2P BP1 certified reinforced door for apartments

Performance and convenience

A2P BP1 certified hall door.
Bolting of the lock with a single turn of the key.
Installation without damage to the existing frame.

Ease of use

Great ease of use thanks to its four 125 mm hinges mounted on roller bearings.
½ turn adjustment on the frame equipped with a roller facilitating the opening and closing of the door.

Key available

Vigie Mobile® keys delivered in a sealed package with certificate of ownership. Keys cannot be reproduced by unauthorised persons.

Security at the best price

A2P* certified lock without integrated door chain.
Locking system equipped with four or five locking points.
Door of 72 mm depth as against 35 to 40 mm for a standard door.
Double thickness steel frame.
Burglar-proof system making it difficult to use a crowbar.
Anti-unhinging system making it difficult to force the hinges.
Steel reinforced construction lined with wood panelling or painted steel.