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In case of burglary, break-in or attempted break-in, fire or flood damage, Geneva and the surrounding area, please contact us for:

  • temporary repairs 24/7, all year round, for the securing homes and businesses,
  • the repair of landing doors, window and French-window panelling, and shutters,
  • the replacement of wood/PVC landing doors, communication doors,
  • the replacement of windows and French windows in wood/PVC,
  • the manufacture and installation of bespoke fittings and all other woodwork.

We can also offer you:

  • Replacement of your apartment hall door or villa front door, in wood, aluminium or PVC.
  • Replacement of your existing door with an EI30 door (fire door standard), a soundproof door or a security door.
  • The repair, renewal or replacement of your windows or French windows in PVC, wood or aluminium.
  • The repair or renewal of the wood panelling in your apartment or villa.
  • Supplying and installing reinforcement to a door, or a Picard reinforced door.
  • The renewal or replacement of your interior (or communicating) doors.
  • The compliance of your windows, French windows or patio sliding doors with security standards.
  • The layout of your kitchen or your basement.
  • All joinery works, such as adjustments to your doors, cabinet doors, windows and French windows.

Finally, we will provide free of charge:

  • Quotations, suggestions, prices for all repairs, renewal or replacement of your woodwork: doors, interior doors, basement or garage doors, windows, French windows, patio sliding doors, in wood, aluminium or PVC.
  • We can make suggestions for how you can protect yourself from break-ins and burglary.
  • Careful advice, tailored to your needs, and a meticulous approach to the work.
  • Personalised management of files with insurance companies in the event of a burglary, break-in, fire, flood or accident.

Fire door

EI30 - EI90


Installing fire doors enables the complete automatic closure of a very wide aperture in the event of a fire. In normal conditions, the door is kept open by an electronic magnetic device which is linked to the fire alarm. If the fire alarm sounds, the magnetic device is disconnected from the current and the sliding door closes because of its weight. The closure is slowed by hydraulic regulators.

On request, sliding fire doors can be motorised.

Technical specifications

Door apron constructed in parts.

Surface in galvanised sheet steel, 1 mm thick, bonded across the whole surface on fire panels.
Particularly easy sliding thanks to the suspension of each element on a roller bearing.
Low point loads on the wall’s structure by individual suspension of the parts.
Constant closure strength through counterweights, even for very large door openings.
Closure controlled by an adjustable regulator.
Solid door knob on the side facing the wind, recessed on the wall side
Device with E 24V magnetic attachment

Additional equipment

Self-locking with bolt lock for installing the cylinder lock.
Smoke alarm to trigger the magnetic device.
Electronic operation, ordered depending on need

Escape door, DL 1000/2000 mm; installed with door panels of choice.