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Don't hesitate to contact Droz M.S.V. SA for :

An urgent call-out 24/7 in Geneva, all year round to install glass plates or wooden panels to secure the site.

And for replacing :

  • broken glass in windows, doors or shop windows,
  • windows in shops or businesses,
  • glass on conservatories and canopies, roof glass and Plexiglas domes
  • existing printed glass, table glass, mirrors and all shapes of glass,
  • double or triple sound- and thermal-insulating glazing,
  • tempered security glass, laminated glass, all types of wired glass,
  • tamper-retardant glazing, armoured glass, bullet-proof glass or alarm glass wired according to current insurance industry standards,
  • glazing offering protection against fire (fireproof glass).

But also installation and fixing in Geneva and along the north shore of Lake Geneva (Nyon to Lausanne):

  • Glass for doors, glass for windows and French windows, wood, aluminium, metal and PVC.
  • Glass for conservatories, glass for verandas, glass for marquees, glass for balcony railings, glass for terraces, glass in ceilings, and perspex domes on roofs
  • Tempered safety glass, laminated burglar-proof glass, burglar-proof safety glass, break-in-proof safety glass, burglar-delaying safety glass, bulletproof glass, bulletproof mirror glass, reinforced safety glass for jewellery with a wired alarm, glazing to protect against fires (fireproof glass)
  • Double or triple insulation glass, soundproof glass and heatproof glass, insulated glazing for windows, French windows and doors, wood, aluminium, metal and PVC.
  • Figured glass, profile glass, table glass and bathroom or wall-mounted mirrors.
  • Metal grilles and metal shutters to protect shop fronts and shop window.

We also offer our services for:

  • Changing and renewing your old glazing with new windows, French windows and doors in wood, aluminium, metal or PVC and double insulation, soundproof and heatproof glass and glazing.

Stripes on glass :

  • Elimination of scratches on glass by the preceded "Vetrox".

Finally we offer for free:

  • Quotation, suggestions, prices for any replacements, installation, fixing or renewing of glass and glazing.
  • Personalised advice for protecting yourself against burglary, break-ins and fire
  • Careful advice, tailored to your needs, and a meticulous approach to the work
  • Personalised management of files with insurance companies in the event of a burglary, break-in, fire, flood or accident.

Tempered safety glass (ESG).


vetroDur (ESG) is a tempered safety glass resistant to shocks, blows, bending stresses as well as thermal loads.

In the event of damage to the border or the surface, the glass breaks to form a mass of tiny pieces. These small chips of glass do not cut and therefore reduce the risk of injury.

vetroDur (ESG) is suitable for safety glazing in educational  establishments, hospitals and sports halls, as well as for windows, doors, partition walls, stair ramps, etc. in public and private  buildings.

vetroDur (ESG) can be enamelled or engraved.

vetroDur (ESG) is also available with integrated alarm. The silkscreened alarm loop (“wired alarm”) sets off an alarm linked to an anti-burglar system as soon as the glass is broken.

vetroDur (ESG) is also available as an insulated safety glass in
combination with other thermal insulating cladding. Click on the link to get more information on our thermal insulating glass:

» vetro Therm thermal insulating glass

The benefits:

About five times more resistant to shocks, blows, bending stresses (protection against the impact of balls, protection against hail).
Resistance to thermal shocks.
Meets the demands of the EN regulations.
Test Heatsoak (HST) possible.