Replacement of gaskets on your window frames in Geneva

Gaskets worn, why do they show to be replaced?

Worn gaskets or improper mounting lead to reduced performance of windows in the area of:
waterproofing - prevents the penetration of rainwater
air permeability - amount of warm air, window closed, leaking out
thermal permeability - heat leakage through the window partition
sound insulation - amount of noise coming from outside
operational force - ease and comfort of operation of windows
resistance to repeated opening and closing.

When to replace window seals?
People who have moved into a home where the previous owner did not care about window and gasket maintenance should immediately replace the gaskets with new ones. Without seals in good condition, no maintenance will be effective.
Even if the seals have been cleaned regularly, they will cease to be effective after ten years. Therefore, after this period of use, it is recommended to replace the gaskets with new ones.
If the window is properly closed and we feel a slight draft, it means that the window is no longer waterproof and therefore, in this situation, we have to replace the window gaskets.


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