Replacement of a large glass (showcase) Geneva

DROZ Menuiserie Serrurerie Vitrerie S.A. Geneva - Glazier, replacing broken glass, broken glass, showcase and storefront, safety glass, double glazing in Geneva.How to replace a showcase?

Has your store been vandalized, or after an accident, your shop window is broken? Ouch, you have to fix it quickly! Depending on the nature and origin of the damage, we can offer you several solutions ...

Who says showcase generally called "glass surface". Even if you had Secured Green or tempered glass, a damaged window, it is usually pieces of glass everywhere, and there will necessarily be a surface to change. In any case, we can offer you a replacement partial or complete of your windows, to see according to the type of glass used and the supporting structure of the windows.

Repair the amounts or joinery
Sometimes it is not only the glazed surface that is impacted: it is possible that the supporting structure is also damaged. Whatever the materials used (metal, aluminum, wood) we can offer you everything to get back into shape, quickly.


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