Notre atelier serrurerie à Genève la Praille

DROZ Menuiserie Serrurerie Vitrerie S.A. Geneva – Installation of security bars for doors, installation of reinforced doors in Geneva, replacement of cylinder locks, latches, multi-point security locks. Free quotations, suggestions and advice.

Representing Picard brand, high security locks and reinforced doors.

If you have suffered a break-in or an attempted burglary, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for:
Repair works to open/secure your home or business.
Replacement of an enclosed or set cylinder (barrel) lock that’s broken, on your apartment door, villa front door, basement door, gate, garage door or even your letter box
Replacement of the lock on your apartment door, villa front door, basement door, gate, garage door, window or French window, in wood, aluminium or PVC.
Temporary reinforcement of your door while waiting for the permanent repairs.

As protection against thieves, we can install for you:
Enclosed cylinder security lock, burglar-proof cylinder lock, with the number of keys you want.
Security bar (Abus reinforced bar), latch, door chain or security escutcheon
Multi-point security locking system (three-point or multi-point) such as a Mottura lock with three or five locking points
Lock or other security system on your windows or French windows, in wood, aluminium, PVC or metal, sliding patio doors, blinds, grilles, basement windows or drops
Reinforcement of your apartment hall door or the front door of your villa
High security bar anchored at three, five or seven points made by Picard
Ultra-high security reinforced door from Picard
Anti-panic lock on a fire exit door (business, crèche or similar)
Spyhole allowing you to see who is on the other side of the hall door or front door
Safety chain allowing you to half-open the door if you do not have a spyhole
Reinforced strike plate and also reinforcement of hinges
Security grill or metal shutters for a shop front
Any metal construction such as protective grill, frame on a shop front or similar …

Finally we offer for free:
Quotations, suggestions, prices for any replacements, installation or fixing of cylinder locks, latches, security systems, metal construction or similar ...
Personalised advice for protecting yourself against burglary, break-ins and fire
Expert advice and meticulous approach to the work
Personalised management of files with insurance companies in the event of a burglary, break-in, fire, flood or accident.


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