Break and enter statistics: 80% of burglars pass through the door

The primary function of an entry door is security.

You must choose your door according to your property, your home and its environment.

The majority of thieves enter through the front door.
A more secure front door slows thieves and reduces the risk of home burglary.
And burglars don't insist on a resisting door.

Our advices
Buy a burglar-proof lock, it's the first thing to do
It is the number one weakness of the doors.
A lock is never tamper-resistant, but it delays break-ins up to 10, or 15 minutes for the best locks.

For more security, choose the shielding Our armored doors
From the door frame: to prevent it from being torn off with a crowbar.
Or better, the frame and the door itself
There are specific standards: several levels of security are possible in order to improve the opening system of a front door and prevent burglary: A2P * A2P ** A2P ***


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