2 minutes are enough for burglars to destroy your door

The primary function of an entry door is security.

You must choose your door according to your property, your home and its environment.
The majority of thieves enter through the front door.
A more secure front door slows thieves and reduces the risk of home burglary.
And burglars don't insist on a resisting door.
There are specific standards: several levels of security are possible in order to improve the opening system of a front door and avoid burglary.

The 4 techniques of burglars to open a door

n ° 1: The break-in of the cylinder
This is the most common burglary, mainly because a seasoned burglar, using this technique, will in most cases take less than a minute to open your door. Concretely, the burglar, with a suitable tool, catches the rotating cylinder by forcing until it breaks or is torn from your door. It then only remains to slip a hook into the lock and voila.

n ° 2: Breaking in the locking points
Equipped with a crowbar or a Monseigneur pliers, your "visitor" inserts the tool between the door and the frame (the frame of your door fixed to the masonry or a partition). Under the effect of the thrust, multiplied by this kind of tool, the locking points give way one after the other.

n ° 3: The break-in of the hinges
Again, your "visitor" uses a crowbar or a Monseigneur pliers. Except that it "attacks" your door on the side of the hinges. In other words, on the side where it pivots.

n ° 4: The "manhole" technique
The burglars sometimes do not go there by four ways: if the door of your residence is out of wood or if it is a door with panels, they can be satisfied to strike its lower part using a hammer or a violent kick to create an opening wide enough to enter your home.

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