Reinforced doors, security bars, high security locks...

Replacing broken glass, broken windows or glass shop fronts, installing burglar-proof laminated glass as as well as any other type of glass on request

We are on call for SOS emergency repairs 24/7, day and night, to open or secure your property

24/7 emergency repairs

DROZ Menuiserie Serrurerie Vitrerie S.A. in Geneva since more than 25 years...

Broken glass, broken window in Geneva, reinforced door, lock or latch torn off after a break-in or burglary, need an SOS emergency repair 24/7, day or night? Or simply a renewal, repair or replacement?

Set up in 1991, fifteen employees, ten fully-equipped vehicles. We provide and guarantee a fast emergency service 24/7, day & night, all year round without exception, a professional service, and we also restore everything to exactly how it was before the damage or renovation to the property.

Free quotation and joinery, locksmiths, glaziers, door repairs, door replacements, EI30 fire doors, reinforced burglar-proof doors, transverse security bars, high security locks, enclosed cylinder locks, door and window glass replacement, glass shop front, laminated glass, safety glass, insulated glass ...


New door lock

Droz MSV - Porte blindée